Aggieland Kosher 

Hot Kosher meals now available in Aggieland!
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The Rohr Chabad Jewish Center provides Kosher meals (free for students) every Shabbat -Friday Night and Shabbat Day respectively - catering to the Jewish students and faculty at Texas A&M University. Click here to RSVP

Here are some supermarkets with slightly larger kosher food sections. Check before you go, as information may have changed!

Kroger - 2412 Texas Ave. 979-693-9974
Has a freezer section of Kosher food, and a small dry good section.

HEB - 1900 Texas Ave. South 979-693-0361
Standard Dry Goods as well as a freezer section of Kosher food.

Kosher in Texas
Here are links for information on kosher food elsewhere in Texas. Be sure to check with the local Rabbis to be sure that this information is current, up to date and (when applicable) meets the mehadrin standards.