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No matter where we may live in this ever-shrinking world, almost everyone seems to be thinking about the coronavirus (COVID-19). As the days progress, the number of people impacted is increasing at an alarming rate with entire cities under quarantine. 

G‑d that you and yours stay safe and healthy, and that the entire world be granted complete and speedy healing. 

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The Seder-to-Go kit includes everything you need to make the Passover seder (besides dinner):

  • Round Shmurah matzah
  • A bottle of kosher for Passover grape juice
  • A seder plate with all the condiments
    1 unpeeled cooked egg, 1 shank bone, 1 oz. container bitter herbs, 1 oz. container charoset, parsley, romaine lettuce
  •  A plastic silver kiddush cup
  • A Hebrew/English instructional Haggadah

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Click on any pic at the scheduled time to join the conversation!  

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Thursday 6pm. Learn how to make Challah Live! See Challah recipe below.   

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Live: Wednesdays: Torah and Tea Ladies Class 12:30pm 
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Chabad at Home ONLINE COURSES 

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Coronavirus: "Stress Less" Free Course

Enroll in this four-part course for free on our website at JewishAggies.com/StressLess and learn how to best manage and reduce your stress. We highly recommend it. 

Course: Character over Conflict

If your idea of resolving conflict in a relationship is to build a higher wall, you're wasting precious time, energy, and emotions that could better serve you elsewhere.

Discover the key to inner peace, outer growth, and healthy relationships in this insightful new course.

Course: Two Equals One

Let’s talk about the Torahs. You read that right; we received two Torahs from G‑d at Sinai, the written law and the oral law. They were given together because one can not be understood or interpreted without the other. In this course, we will breakdown the origins and meaning of both the oral and written traditions of Torah, how they’ve been passed down for centuries, and how our rabbis and sages have passed rulings based on these G‑d given laws for over 3,000 years.

Course R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Whether you’re twelve, twenty, or forty-one, parents will always be among the most important relationships in your life.

Join us as we study the Torah’s approach to our most treasured - and complicated - bond.

Course: Your back story

Where to begin? Jewish history is huge. Three thousand years plus. You can jump in at any point and go deeper and deeper into all kinds of wonderful details. But it helps to start with a grasp of the whole thing. This is what we want to offer with “Your Backstory”: a comprehensive grasp of the entire story, cover to cover, and an idea of the single “historiographic principle” underlying the whole shebang. Come … get to know yourself a little better 

Course: Food and Faith

Do you know how much time you spend eating every day? One study found, on average, that a person spends 32,098 hours over their lifetime eating! Let that sink in for a minute. If we dedicate so much of our precious time breaking bread, shouldn’t we invest some time in making it meaningful as well? What does mindful eating mean anyways, and why is Judaism so centered around foods? 

Course: Soul Talk

You’ve probably heard me quote snippets of Tanya, the foundational work of Chabad Chassidic philosophy. Some of the fundamentals of the Jewish approach to the soul, good and evil, struggle and more are laid out in the first chapters of this very special book.

Course: Heart of Prayer

Are you still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Here are some ideas: You can sign up for gym membership, you can join an art class or maybe you want to visit all seven continents this year! Or, you can enjoy free season passes to Chabad Shabbat services. You might be concerned that you’ll have the “what’s going on in the prayerbook” blues, but I’ve got just the right solution for you! 

Course: Noah Decoded

You probably remember the story of Noah from when you were a kid. G‑d tells a guy (always with a silvery beard) to build an ark, in which he, his family and all the animals on earth would survive a great flood. We read it every year in synagogue; it’s part of our tradition. But what does it all mean? Is the story to be taken literally? Why would a merciful G‑d flood the earth? What did the people do that was so terrible? And why bother with a flood, if He could just stop creating them effortlessly?

Course: The Choice is Yours

Did you buy a double espresso this morning? Or maybe you opted for a vanilla latte? Did you really choose your preferred coffee, or did G‑d already have that planned the night before? Does He know everything in advance, or is there freedom for you to choose on your own?

Big questions need big answers.