Chabad at Texas A&M Educational Opportunities.


Lunch and Learn on Campus
Our weekly lunch and learn on campus is every Monday. Outside of Sbisa Hall, Jewish Aggies come together for freshly made Pizza and weekly discussion of the week's Torah portion.

1 on 1 Study
Chabad provides 1 on 1 study opportunities with the Rabbi or Rebbetzin on Jewish subjects of your choice. Additionally, Chabad's Rabbinical Fellows, as well as fellow students provide additional one-on-one learning opportunities.


Sinai Scholars Society
Think Jewish: Jewish Wisdom for Modern Life: 8 Week Course
Chabad at Texas A&M University is an affiliate of the International Sinai Scholars program. Sinai Scholars Society integrates the study of classic Jewish texts, social programming, and national networking opportunities to provide a fresh and exciting context for Jewish life and learning on the university campus. Sinai Scholars invites students to engage in an open community of study and self-discovery that will help them to become passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in their respective communities.

Is a 6 Week follow-up course to our flagship Sinai Scholars Course. Course alternate per semester.  
Soul Maps: Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World
Paradigm Shift: Transformational Life Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Wisdom From Sinai: Revolutionary Ideas that Judaism Introduced to the World
The Land and the Spirit: Why We All Care About Israel
Fascinating Facts: Exploring Myths and Mysteries of Judaism

Sinai Scholars Mentor-Protege Program
The Mentor-Protege program seeks out gifted young scholars and bring them together with master scholars for a creative collaboration in a one-to-one mentoring relationship. Students choose a Jewish topic of interest to explore. With the guidance of a mentor, they research literature related to their topic and explore its modern day relevance. Ideas are presented in a research paper for review by an academic panel at a national symposium. 


Sinai Scholar Moms
Is an online 8-Week Course given to mothers of students who have taken the Sinai Scholars Course at Texas A&M University. Learning the same subjects that Jewish Aggies study at Chabad.

Sinai Scholars Retreat
Available to our Sinai Scholar Fellows, the National Jewish Retreat is a Five-Day outstanding program of learning and recreation designed to engage your mind and refresh your spirit. 

Kabbalah for Aggies
Kabbalah for Aggies explores the inner dimensions of Jewish Holidays and Mitzvot.
The Kabbalah of Dreams
The Kabbalah of Angels
The Kabbalah of Food
The Kabbalah of Heaven & Hell
The Kabbalah of Dating

The Kabbalah of the Holidays Series

Dessert & Discussion
A girls night out at Chabad, discussing feminine topics of Judaism.

Torah and Tea
A weekly community class for woman on subjects relating to the Torah portion, Jewish woman of the Bible and Soul Maps.

Guys Wing Night
An opportunity for guy students to have their questions answered from the Rabbi on all subjects related Jews and Judaism.

Hebrew Reading Course
Our 'Read-it-in-Hebrew' flashcard based language course promises users that they can learn to read Hebrew in only five weeks. “Read it in Hebrew” utilizes a timeless teaching method espoused by the Jewish sages for generations. In addition to reading skills, students get a glimpse into the holiness and depth of the Hebrew language, including brief kabalistic explanations of the Hebrew letters.

Yeshiva Night
A 1 on 1 study program at Chabad delving into Jewish texts from various Jewish sources and scholars. 


Holocaust Programming
Holocaust Survivors
Bringing Holocaust Survivors to campus to share their story of triumph and giving students the opportunity to educate themselves about the Holocaust. Events and Programs
Poland Trip
Partnering with Chabad on Campus International, Living Links is an inspirational seven-day Poland trip for college students. 


Israel Programming
The Land and the Spirit: Why We All Care About Israel (6-Week Course)
Taglit Birthright
Leading Birthright trips since 2007, Chabad provides Free 10-day Birthright trips to Israel with our partner Mayanot Israel
Our 2-week in-depth IsraeLinks learning experience whisks you away to the holy land for a deep and meaningful exploration of Judaism—yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Study Away Programs
Immersive Jewish study opportunities with like-minded students from all over the world. Programs are available for Winter or Summer Breaks or even a Semester. Lamdeni Travel Grants alleviate travel costs. We have student advisors to help you navigate programs for you.
Partner Programs
Jewish Summer Fellowship | Upstate New York
Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies | Jerusalem, Israel
                                 Women's Campus
                                 Men's Campus
Yeshivah Torah Ohr | Miami, FL
Yeshivah Tiferes Bochurim | Morristown, NJ
Yeshiva Temimei Derech | Tzfat, Israel
Machon Alta | Tzfat Israel
Machon L'Yahadus | Brooklyn, NY
Snorkey & Study - Winter | Key Largo, FL
Sun & Study - Summer | Pottersville, NJ
Ari Winter Torah Seminar | NYC

Online Study - Virtual Library
Our website offers over 100,000 pages of information, in addition to 14,000 audio classes and 10,000 video. You can learn on your own from a wealth of information on our website.
Jewish Practice
Jewish Holidays
Daily Learning and Jewish Values
Community & Family
Inspiration & Entertainment
Jewish Women
Kabbalah Online

Judaic Library
Chabad at Texas A&M Onsite Judaic Library is a resource of English and Hebrew books. Our library includes subjects of Science, History, Philosophy, Kabbalah, Sacred Texts, Jewish Law, Children Books and Stories.