Shalom and Welcome
to Texas A&M University

Now is the time to decide what you will make of the Jewish opportunities at Texas A&M University. We encourage you to enhance your college experience by participating in a variety of Jewish activities. At the Rohr Chabad Jewish Center, it's easy, enjoyable and you will have lots of company.

The Chabad Jewish Student Group works hard to plan semesters packed with great events. This site will give you an idea of some of the rich opportunities that await you. Make sure to check our calendar to keep up with all that latest that's going on. Please contact us if you'd like to receive our monthly calendar of events by mail.

Remember, the Rohr Chabad Jewish Center is your "home away from home". Meet, greet, eat and socialize with other Jewish students in a warm atmosphere. Our activities are open to all regardless of Jewish affiliation, background or level of observance.

Chabad, A Home away from Home!

Vision and Values  - Myths and Facts 

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