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Before designing our curriculum, we looked at the needs of our families and mapped out our educational and communal goals:

  • Our goal is for the children to complete each day with a feeling of pride, love and belonging, where they feel a strong connection to their heritage and their Jewish community.
  • Our goal is for the children to complete each year with a richer connection to and increased knowledge of or our Torah, its values, stories and Mitzvot. This is accomplished through hands on learning and exploring, and a safe environment to ask questions and engage in honest discussions.
  • Our goal is for the children to gain concrete Hebrew reading and writing skills as well as familiarity with basic Hebrew terms and phrases. When they walk into a shul or pick up a siddur they should feel comfortable and unintimidated.

IMG_2538.JPGHebrew Reading and Writing:
Like last year, we will be combining our classes for Hebrew Reading and Writing. There will be a 30 - minute time slot dedicated to building these skills. The children will be divided by ability level and in order to cater to their unique needs. This will allow those who are already reading to work on their fluency and handwriting. It will enable the teachers to maximize their efforts and work in smaller groups. They will be utilizing the method of separate teaching centers, each based on interesting games and activities, in order to keep the children working independently.

There will be WEEKLY homework as it is IMPOSSIBLE to teach any language in 30 minutes a week. To accomplish all of this we will continue to be working with the Cap It Currculum. Please ensure that you return to school with the index card boxes to continue reviewing and learning.

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Hebrew Language:
As in past years we will continue with sight words and phrases that come up regularly in the context of learning Hebrew. This will provide the students instruction through the whole language approach, in order to enrich and broaden their Hebrew language vocabulary and make them comfortable with the pronunciation. This year they will be adding words from the tefillot that they are learning weekly as well.

collage passover.jpgYomim Tovim/ Holidays:
The Jewish Holidays will be taught in a hands-on, vibrant interactive way. There will be art, music and stories that will match the theme of each Yom Tov. We will be building on past years’ knowledge with a 'spiraling curriculum' to enrich their educational experience.

Group Aleph

Mitzvot Curriculum - Group Bet

After covering many basic Mitvot over the past 2 years we have found a curriculum that allows them to dig deeper and think broader as well as cover big picture concepts. This was based on feedback from parents and incredible questions and discussions that the children brought up last year. The results are the curriculum called "Discovering the Treasure Within". This innovative and exciting curriculum, explores life through the lens of the Neshama. Students will gain a knowledge of their Neshama like never before,

Bar mitzvah.jpgGroup Gimmel: Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Prep

After consulting with the families who have children at this age, we have formed a solid pre Bar/ Bat Mitzvah year. We are excited to adapt and grow our school in order to cater to them. We will be re-dividing last years classes to do so. We have researched curriculums to best cater to this age group. They will be co taught by Rabbi Yossi & Manya and Shlomie. They will be covering the Lifcycles curriculum as well as specific Bar Mitvah sessions monthly with Rabbi Yossi & Bat Mitzvah lessons with Manya. The goal is to ensure that they arrive at this milestone ready both spiritually, educationally and emotionally. As well we will be continuing on with the Jewish Heroes curriculum. They will be learning about the profiles of Jewish heroes of old from Adam - Nowadays ending with THEMSELVES. All the curriculum are designed to enable our see the students to see the past as relevant to their reality.


Parsha/ History

Mitzvos/ Traditions

Hebrew Language

Group Aleph

Weekly Parsha Story


Cap It

Group Bet

Weekly Parsha Story

Discover the Treasures Within

Cap It

Group Gimmel

History II

Lifecycles & Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Prep