Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents Sarah Guccione

Monday, 21 November, 2016 - 12:46 pm

Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents

What is your name?
Sarah Guccione

Where are you from?
Austin, TX

Where did you go to high school?
Anderson High School

Why did you choose Texas A&M?
When looking at schools, I fell in love with with Economics program that Texas A&M offers.

What was your major and why did you decide to pursue such a degree?
I am currently pursuing a degree in economics. I love how there is always changing opinions and thoughts on our economy, and it is interesting to see how these opposing ideas play a role in our everyday life.

What has been your most enjoyable class?
My favorite class at Texas A&M would have to be ECON 311, which is Money and Banking.

How did you get involved with Chabad?
My first week here at Texas A&M Delaney took my to Chabad and I instantly fell in love with the warm welcoming atmosphere at Chabad.

What do you look forward to when coming to Chabad?
The real question is when am I not looking forward to come to Chabad. Chabad has truly become my home away from home, and no matter when I walk in, there is always something going on, and I am always welcomed in. From the food to the friends to the activities, Chabad really does have everything that makes Aggieland feel like home to me.

What do you love about Jewish life on campus?
I love that on campus the Jewish community is so closely tied. Whenever I am on campus if I see someone else who is Jewish, we always say hi and stop and talk. It’s nice to know at a campus so large that there is a smaller community that is always there for me.

Why do you think it is important to be involved in Jewish life?
I believe being involved in Jewish life is very important especially at Texas A&M. The Jewish population is so small, and sometimes it’s hard to feel like there are people like you when you aren’t involved in Jewish life at Texas A&M. Jewish life here gives you a home away from home, and lets you find your place at Texas A&M.

Do you plan on going to graduate school at A&M?
Yes! I am hoping to receive my Master’s in Economics here!

Do you have any siblings?
I have one younger brother!

What is your favorite Jewish food?
Kugel for sure

What is your favorite food?
I love sushi and chocolate

Have you ever traveled outside of the United States?
I have travel outside of the United States a few times. One of my favorite places would for sure have to be Sicily, where my family lives.

Have you ever been to Israel?
I went to Israel this summer with Birthright and it was honestly the most amazing experience. One of the most inspirational experience I had was going to the Western Wall during Shabbat and being a part of that experience. It was so unique to be in such a holy place celebrating shabbat.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
I would love to travel to New Zealand! I’ve always heard how beautiful and amazing it is, and it’s a totally different part of the world I have never been to.

If you could start university again what would you do differently?
I would have been more outgoing at first in college. I wasn’t as outgoing

Did you prefer living on campus or off campus? What would you recommend to freshmen?
I’ve always lived off campus and loved it. However, as a freshman I think living on campus would had been very beneficial and nice.

Do you have a message for future A&M students?
Make sure you get involved with Jewish life as soon as you can! It honestly makes Texas A&M feel like a much smaller school and really helps you find your home.

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