Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents Jackie Subar

Friday, 15 May, 2015 - 2:16 pm

Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents


What is your name?
Jackie Subar

What was your major and why did you decide to pursue such a degree?
Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management

Why did you choose Texas A&M?
I liked that the Bush School, my part of campus, offered a very personal experience. The classes are small and the professors willing to help. You're not just a number. Also, I don’t think I would have come here if I didn’t already know the Lazaroff crew. I was thinking of going to Vermont but was encouraged not to because, to quote Rabbi, “short people freeze faster”.

What is your favorite book? Why?
Harry Potter, all of them! The way JK Rowling writes and the world that she creates with words is aweinspiring. Her attention to detail and ability to develop characters with intertwined pasts and complexities know no bounds. I grew up with Harry. They were the gateway books that spurred my love for reading.

Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas

Where did you go to high school?
Plano West. Can I get a wolfpack!

What did you love about Jewish life on campus?
I love how close-knit everyone is. There aren’t a zillion Jews like at TU so we all know one another, bother each other, and love each other at the same time. One big dysfunctional family!

Do you have any siblings?
I have two adorable little sisters. Sam who is 23 and an amazing PR person in Austin; she does incredible work! Alexis who is 20 and just aced this last semester at Texas Tech. I’m pretty proud of both of them, they are incredible people.

What is your favorite Jewish food?
My moms noodle kugel or my dads challah. Its a toss up.

What is your favorite food?
Ben and Jerrys ice cream. I just finished a pint actually.

What is your favorite Jewish childhood memory?
There are a number. One of my earliest memories was this one time at a Passover seder, I was really little, I watched my dad eat fresh maror. I had never seen someones face turn that color before.

What is your favorite Chabad experience until now?
My favorite experience is wherever the people are. Whether it is taking the kids to the park (or spending 4 hours with Legos), chatting it up with Manya right before Shabbat, or chilling with everyone out in the front. The people make the Chabad experience.  

What is your favorite vacation spot?
My bed.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?
Being outdoors being active or lounging on the couch. Right now I am thinking about sitting by the pool.

What do you look forward to when coming to Chabad?
The people! I am really going to miss all of the the friends I have made and the amazing family that runs Chabad.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
Backpacking Europe.

What has been your most thrilling experience in your life?
Freshman year we drove out into the middle of nowhere to look at stars that are light years away (the university had received a huge telescope from NASA). I remember thinking how small I am, how vast the universe is, and how connected everything is. I am a small piece of the universe, both humbling and thrilling.

Do you have a message for future A&M students?
Use your time wisely and don’t get too bogged down in certain areas. Balance is so important to life. There is room for partying and room for study. Also, don’t forget to invest in experiences, Jewish or otherwise. Now is the time to ask all of those questions, travel the world, and take up new and exciting activities!

What has been your most enjoyable class?
Youth Development (an RPTS course). It is great for anyone wanting to go into camp!

What has been your best job on campus?
Working as a graduate assistant for the university. I got to work on programming and redevelop programs from scratch.

If you were able to have one superpower what would it be?
Super speed.

What would enhance Jewish life on campus?
Camping trips! Chabad camping trip would be stellar and the Lazaroffs sure can camp!

How did you get involved with Chabad?
I actually brought my SFA Hillel to Chabad at A&M 5 years ago for the Texas Shabbaton.

Do you have plans for after graduation?
I am working for the American Jewish Committee in DC. Feel free to stay with me, stop by, or grab a drink! (once I find a place to live…)

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