J-Aggie of the Week Presents Sara Leisten!

Monday, 14 April, 2014 - 11:42 am





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What is your name?

Sarah Leisten


Where are you from?

Houston, Texas


What is your major?

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences


Where are you studying abroad right now?

Florence, Italy


How are you liking it so far? Favorite place?

It’s the best time of my life. It took some time getting used to the environment. Yes, I did get super homesick like the second week here and wanted to come home.


I know you’ve been to a Chabad since you got to Italy. Which one? How was? (I mean nothing beats TAMU Chabad but still…). What do you miss the most about TAMU Chabad? (aside from Jackie Subar)

Chabad Jewish Student Experience – Florence. They are very welcoming and made sure I wasn’t homesick at all. Embarrassing, I have only been once. But I am going for PASSOVER!!

I miss the three munchkins! And getting to talk to Manya and Rabbi about anything.


Did connections to TAMU Chabad help you in establishing a connection in Italy? Did the shluchim (Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzin) in Italy know Manya and Rabbi? ;)

Is that even a question? Everyone knows Manya!


Where do you hope to go next? Either during your time in Europe or after.

After being abroad. I wanna go to TEXAS! But after getting all the things I miss from home…  I hope to travel to Greece, Croatia, and Israel… I know I haven’t been to Israel yet.


Do you have any older or younger siblings?

I have a older sister and a younger sister! MIDDLE CHILD!


Do you have any animals and do they have any tricks?

I have a dog at home. I wish she did tricks But all she really goes is eat, poop, and sleep.


What are you thinking about right now?

How tired I am because I went out last night…. Yes, me the old grandma that never goes out… actually went out on a school night… lets just say NEVER again.  And How much I miss Mexican food  ( I think about queso literally all the time. Food here is amazing but nothing compares to Chuys queso)


What is your favorite book? Why?

Harry Potter Series. Ever since I picked up the first book, I could never put it down. Sometimes I wish I went to a school like Hogwarts.


Where did you go to high school?

Bellaire High School! Go Cardinals!


What is your favorite Jewish food?

Matzo Ball Soup… but Manya’s challah is pretty amazing too!


What is your favorite food?

Chips and Queso



Favorite Jewish childhood memory.

I don’t know if you consider the past three years still my childhood. But I loved when my rabbis from my own synagogue took the time and drove through Houston rush hour traffic to College Station just to take the Jewish college kids from Houston out for a meal. I will always remember that and how it was nice to see people from home.


What has been your favorite Chabad experience until now?

Sinai Scholars. I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be my “thing” because I was never very involved in high school with the Jewish community but after the first class, I knew I was going to enjoy it. It taught me so much about being Jewish really means and helped me figure out where I stand in the Jewish community. I could never thank Manya enough for convincing me to join the class and she is the best teacher.


Have you ever been to Israel?

No! :(


If you were and animal which animal would best describe you?

Bear, I love going into hibernation some days. Sometimes after a long week or stressful test. I love to just go to my room and stay in bed all day.


What was the most thrilling experience in your life?

The opportunity of studying abroad is the most thrilling experience. I get to meet students from all over the United States and also get to embrace someone’s culture for four months. I go to school for four days of the week and than travel the rest of the world on the weekends. I get to see something new every week and it’s amazing.


If you had a message for freshmen what would it be?

Enjoy every minute of the four ( Sometimes five years) you have. It’s the best years of your life. One thing I would change if I could is making decisions off of what other people would think of me. Do what you want to do and do not care what other people think. If it makes you happy, than go for it. No one should ever stop you from doing anything you wanna do. Or make you do something you don’t wanna do.


What do you love most about being an Aggie (I mean you’re always an Aggie)? WHOOP!

The traditions. We ( Aggies) have something to live by and we are proud to say we go to A&M. I know being abroad and people asking where I go to school, I am really proud to say that I am an Aggie. And of Course I love football!


What is your favorite color (think the whole Crayola color scheme)?

Robin Egg Blue and Orange sunset


In your spare time what do you like to do?

Netflix, sleep, hang out with friends…. think about working out but never get around to it…haha ( that will hopefully change)


Did you prefer living on campus or off campus?

Off- Campus… actually never lived on campus so I couldn’t tell you the difference.


If you could have one wish for anything in the world what would it be?

That’s a hard question… I would wish that doctors over the country would be able to cure all illnesses. From family and friends having different types cancer and diseases that have the world have medicine has not been able to cure it 100%.


What do you love most about Jewish life on campus?

All the activities that Chabad offers from Shabbat, kosher cooking club, or just walking in to talk (My favorite thing to do)


Safe and Happy Travels! Can’t wait to see you when you get back!!!

A zissen pesach sameach!



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