Parents of the Year

Friday, 30 May, 2014 - 5:43 pm

Photo by Levik-125.jpgFour years ago, our oldest son left New Jersey for Texas A&M.  He didn't know too many people here, but he knew Jason Wise from years of regional USY; and he knew that Jason was involved with the Chabad On campus - a Chabad HOUSE led by a down-to-earth Rabbi, his dynamic wife and their six adorable children.  He immediately learned that this Chabad House is actually a Home for the hundreds of ״surrogate״ children who stream in and out of Yossi and Manya's House at literally all hours of the day and night - to cook, to eat, to study, to schmooze, to cry, to laugh and to love.

Anyone who spends even a few minutes in this House that the Lazaroffs Built is immediately drawn in by their warmth and caring, and their seemingly limitless capacity to be there for every member of the Aggieland Jewish community.  Somehow - their days have more than 24 hours. Somehow, there is always a plate of home-cooked food, an open heart, someone to listen/advise or pick you up, someone to teach without preaching....someone who lives an authentic Jewish life and wraps you into that life as seamlessly as if you were born into the family as another treasured Lazaroff child. 

We don't know how they do it; the sheer number of hours on their feet, and ALWAYS with kindness, humor and compassion, is simply daunting.  They ask nothing of us in return...but we owe them everything.  

The Parents of the Year are not Allison and David Nagelberg; they are Yossi and Manya.  Tonight is a tribute to them and to their phenomenal accomplishments over the last seven years. Yossi and Manya: we thank you, we love you, and we wish you continued strength and success as you build community here at A&M for years to come. 


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