My Sinai Scholars Experience

Thursday, 26 March, 2015 - 7:00 pm

20141210_203910.jpgSinai Scholars has impacted me at the best time of my life. I am 22 years old about to graduate college. I have struggled with my jewish identity for the longest time. I never felt I belonged in my community growing up. Boys wouldn’t date me because I was Jewish and I never understood what even Judaism beliefs were. When people would asked what I believed, I never gave the correct answer. I knew about the holidays and culture such as, what food Jews like, we have Shabbat on Fridays instead of Sundays, and Hanukkah I get presents like Christmas, However, when they asked the meaning of all of it, I never knew the correct answer.

As a kid you don’t really question life, you just accept it. The main thing youIMG-20141216-WA0034.jpg learned from your parents was in order to survive on earth you are respectful to people, you eat and drink, and you go to school to get an education to be successful. This summer was my last summer before graduating college and I started questioning my purpose in life and had an identity crisis. I always knew I was a Jew, but I wasn’t sure what would happen to me if I died, why I was even born, was it all just by nature? Is there even a G-d? A Heaven? Will I ever get married? These were all questions I had trouble finding the answers to.

sam sternfeld.jpgI always felt at home when I was around Jewish people, so I never had trouble getting myself to be part of the community, but I would always tell people I’m not that religious. I go to temple for the people and the food. Sinai Scholars has eased my anxiety to a tee. From taking this class I have a great knowledge of my religion, my ancestry, my purpose in life, and the reason for existence. I no longer feel lost with these thoughts I use to obsess over. I am even more proud now to be a Jew.

The minute I stepped into Chabad before my sophomore year at A&M, I immediately began to feel at home and welcomed.  It’s almost fate that I was brought to this school. It sounds cheesy, but I believe G-d wanted me to be part of this community in order to get the guidance I needed.

20141210_204058.jpgMy biggest take away from this course is the amazing blessing it is to be Jewish and to be proud of who I am. I will marry jewish and be the biggest influence on my children so they will understand their purpose in life. My parents were great at raising me, but they never truly gave me insight on my identity as a Jew. I am glad to be able to carry on values and customs of the religion to the next generation. This has been a great course and I am grateful to have been able to share it with all of you. 

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