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Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents Gabe Noble

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Jewish Aggie of the Week presents Gabe Noble from Dallas, TX

Gabe chose Texas A&M University for two main reasons, "the first being that it has a top tier engineering program. The second is that I am a third generation Aggie, my grandfather graduating in '56 and my father in '90."

Gabe enjoys traveling. "I have been to Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and Canada, but Spain was by far my favorite. Not only is it a beautiful country physically but it has deep roots in Judaism and Jewish culture, not to mention the food is delicious."
Although the Jewish community in College Station is not the biggest, it is however one of the most welcoming. "I truly enjoy celebrating holidays on campus or simply explaining to non-Jewish friends what life is like being Jewish."

Gabe is the former President of Hillel and is currently the President of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity.



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