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Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents Max Maldonado

   Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents

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Meet Max Maldonado from San Antonio, Texas

Max is a Environmental Geosciences major. "I chose to pursue this major, because I love the outdoors and nature and I wanted to learn more about it and how I can help preserve it."

"I chose Texas A&M because there wasn't anywhere else I really wanted to go. I have never met anybody who was unhappy that they went to A&M."

Max has been to Israel twice. The first time was with Chabad's Mayanot Birthright and the second time was with Chabad's Mayanot Onward Summer Internship. "The most moving an inspirational experience was just getting the opportunity to wake up everyday in one of the central hubs of Jerusalem and walking to the Western Wall."

Max is graduating this week and we will miss having him at Chabad and in Aggieland! 


Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents Josh Hirsh

  Jewish Aggie of the Week Presents

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Meet Joshua Daniel Hirsh from El Paso, Texas.

Josh has an older brother, Michael age 24, who is in law school at Texas Tech. Josh also has an older sister, Alexus age 26, who is a practicing attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. She is recently married to an Attorney.

"If I had one super power it would be super intelligence. Super intelligence would allow me to artificially create the other super powers for myself. Why limit myself to one when I have the ability to create them all for myself. Furthermore, knowledge is power, knowledge is wit, and why not give myself the opportunity to tell better jokes."

Josh is the former President of Sigma Alpha Mu - aka The "Sammys" and also the President of the Chabad Jewish Student Board. Josh has been active in Chabad since his freshman year. Josh is also a fellow of the Sinai Scholar Society

Plans after Graduation?: "Ever since I was in the second grade I have dreamt of becoming a surgeon. Ideally I will attend medical school immediately after graduation. If I am unable to attend medical school, I am planning on working towards a master’s degree in microbiology, followed by another attempt at getting into medical school."

We wish Josh much success as he graduates Texas A&M University this December.


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