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Hi, My Name is Rabbi Yossi,

I am a Rabbi born to a family of eleven right here in Texas. I am excited to be co-teaching this year and cant wait to guide young people in their Bar Mitzvah prep.

Food: Sushi

Color: Maroon

Place: Aggieland

Hobby: Technology

Hi, My name is Morah Manya,

I am passionate about Judaisim, pasionate about education and passionate about the Jewish Aggie Community. I am excited that we get a another chance to have a part in the role of educating young Jewish children in Aggieland. I look forward to another exciting year where I will be coordinating and directing our Sunday program.

Food: coffee, and chocolate
Color: purple & green
Place: Israel
Hobby: Teaching young and old

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Hi! My name is Morah Mussie ,

This past year I spent time studying in Melbourne, Australia, and was also given the opportunity to work with children in the local Jewish school as well as in a camp setting. getting to know each of those children and being able to build a trust with them and see what a power I had to make a difference was very special for me and caused me to want to pursue teaching.

I am so looking forward to working with your families, exploring together with Jewish teaching and thought.

Having grown up in Oklahoma City, I have a great appreciation for the sense of community and family that a small city brings, and I very much look forward to being a part of yours.

A few of my favorites:

Food: frozen yogurt, sushi & steak
Color: Blue & green
Hobby: I enjoy cooking, reading and working out


Hello! My Name is Shloimie

Hey y'all my name is Shlomie
I grew up in a small town in New Jersey called Edison, I have 4 brothers and thank god that's lots of fun. I have worked with kids since I was 15 and I loved every bit of it going from a wide range of camps to tutoring children after school at home.

I am so pumped for this up coming year teaching new material and at the same time learning new material that I could use in my day to day life. One main goal I have is that for every kid to take out one positive lesson throughout the year that they could use in there future.

Food: sriracha

Color: Blue

Place: Israel, Western Wall

Hobbies:playing football ,learning new material , swimming, tasting new flavors of Pringles yes that is a hobby


Hi My name is Morah Lexi

I'm Lexi Kuppersmith, and I am thrilled to teach the youngest group at Chabad. My past experience include volunteering in the religious school and teaching on several occasions, including in the Brazos Valley Natural History Museum Camp, the CSISD Summer Enrichment Program, Camp Invention, and a Spanish language camp. I love working with kids as their limitless creativity and energy allows for exciting activities. I look forward to becoming a more active member of College Station's Jewish community.Some of my favorite things: