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Mayanot-Birthright Winter 2013

Mayanot 101 Day 2

Golan Heights, Gilabun Hike, Mt. Bental Lookout, Syrian Border Tour. Katzrin Archeological Village, Night out in Tiberias 

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Mayanot 101 All Pictures and Videos


Mayanot 101 Day 1

 Mayanot 101 Day 1 on Facebook

 Mayanot 101 Day 1 this is all the pics

Mayanot-Birthright Trip to Israel, Summer 2011

As we get ready for the trip of a lifetime that is Taglit-Birthright Israel, we know that there are many of you that would have loved to be on this trip, so we decided to keep an updated blog of our trip and to let you enjoy the journey with us.

Please check back daily for updates and hopefully soon you might be able to go to Israel on your own!

Are you on the trip? Please let your friends and family know that they can follow our trip by going to www.JewishAggies.com/Israelblog

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