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FREE Israel Trip

FREE Israel Trip


Chabad at Texas A&M is proud to offer free & fun 10-day tours of Israel. These trips are a gift of birthright israel and facilitated by Mayanot. The Mayanot birthright israel trip is the single most popular program of Chabad on Campus. More students have chosen Mayanot than any other trip provider, and with good reason!


Winter 2011-12 registration will open here in September 14, 2011
Summer Registration will open in February 2012

Who is eligible?

This amazing gift is available to Jewish young adults, ages 18 through 26 who have never been to Israel on a previous educational tour with their peers.

Mayanot's birthright israel tours are open to all Jews, regardless of background, affiliation or practice. Our welcoming approach and excellent track reputation of attention to detail help ensure that Jews with varying beliefs and observance levels are able enjoy the program -- together.

Is it really free?

Yes, the program is free. This includes airfare on El-Al Airlines, accommodations at quality hotels, and almost all meals. A $250 fully refundable deposit is required, and is returned after the program. Students will need to arrange their own transportation to the city of departure, and are expected to pay for several of their own meals in Israel. That's it!

What will we do when we are there?Free trips to Israel from birthright israel mayanot chabad

  • Tour, hike and jeep throughout Israel. 
  • Climb the ancient fortress of Masada.
  • Float in the Dead Sea.
  • Ride a camel through the desert.
  • Visit the new Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
  • Stand at the site where Israel declared its statehood.
  • Enjoy the culture and excitement of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • Experience Shabbat at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
  • Tour the cities of Tiberias and Safed.
  • Meet Israeli students, soldiers, politicians and business leaders.
    ...and much more!

Check out Mayanot's newest promotional video to get a glimpse of what the trip is like.

Free trips to Israel from birthright israelWhy are these trips free?

birthright israel is a unique partnership between the people of Israel through their government, local Jewish communities and Federations (through the United Jewish Communities, Keren Hayesod and The Jewish Agency for Israel), and leading Jewish philanthropists. The goal of these exciting tours is to inspire in our participants a stronger connection to the Jewish people, Jewish life and to the Jewish State of Israel while having a great time!

Free trips to Israel from birthright israelWhere do I sign up?

Visit for more information and to sign up! To ensure that you are part of our group, make sure you enter "Texas A&M" in the Referral code box on your application.

Can I invite friends from other schools to come with me (or can I go with them)?

Yes! You can invite your friends from other schools to go with you! Just ask them to sign up with Mayanot, and send an email to If the group dates don’t work out with your personal plans, you can choose to go on another date with another school, or you can wait until the next round of trips.

Is the trip religious?

Free trips to Israel from mayanot birthright israel and chabadMayanot has been providing adventurous and educational experiences to students Israel since it’s inception in 1996. As one of Taglit-birthright israel’s largest providers. Mayanot's birthright israel tours are open to all Jews, regardless of background, affiliation or practice. The trips are co-ed and are catered to non-affiliated participants. Mayanot’s welcoming approach and excellent track record of attention to detail help ensure that Jews with varying beliefs and observance levels are able enjoy the program--together.
Mayanot believes that a diverse, pluralistic group of participants makes the experience a much richer one and therefore regardless of your background or denomination you will feel at home on this trip.

Can I contact someone who went on this trip before?

Absolutely. Just email and we will be glad to connect with you with an alumnus of the program.

Free trips to Israel from birthright israelWhat should I do if I have further questions?

Send an email to with your question and we will hasten to answer them!

We understand that applicants may be concerned about the security situation in Israel. Rest assured that the safety and security of our participants is Mayanot's and birthright israel's number one priority. Please click here for more.


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